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    6 Weird things that I do to help my immune system

    As a holistic health practitioner, I have been working with lots of people with Covid 19 in the past 2 years, helping them mitigate symptoms and recover faster, dealing with long term symptoms, and dealing with vaccine effects. As I have managed to stay pretty healthy throughout all of this, people often ask me what I am doing to protect myself, so I have begun to make a list. I want to make it clear; I’m not suggesting that any of these things are ‘cures’ for a virus, or anything of the sort. And I am not mentioning any of the things that everyone already has heard about. I am…

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    The Wonderful World of Distance Sessions

    In the Kinesiology world, we do some really weird stuff. But distance sessions kick up the weird quotient to uncomfortable heights for some people. So let’s a take a moment to discuss what happens in a distance session and how it works. What happens in a distance session? When I do a session of this kind, I begin by calling you so we can have a quick conversation about what’s going on with you and your health. This gives our session some focus. Your voice carries a distinct resonance and frequency. This means that it has it’s own energetic pattern. There are some who use machines with electromagnetic feedback as…

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    3 Things I’ve learned from teaching Kinesiology in Russia

      Teaching any class forces you to really think about and examine what you know, but teaching a class that speaks a different language than you pushes you to up your game in whole different way. Because I have been teaching SIPS classes for a few years now, teaching levels 1 & 2 doesn’t really stress me out anymore. I know these levels inside and out and while I won’t say that I could teach them in my sleep, I have dreamt entire workshops before (because yes, I am the kind of person who literally dreams about kinesiology). Teaching them with an interpreter working by your side is a whole…

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    The Power of One

    Teaching a Touch for Health Retreat for One Student and What I Have Learned I didn’t want to come here to teach this class with one student. Not just because it’s financially ridiculous (which it is); but because I was concerned about the student’s experience. How would it work? Would she really ‘get it’ without having a variety of people (and their associated issues) to work on? Here’s what I learned form teaching a Touch for Health Intensive (all four levels over eight days) with just one student here for a retreat. A reminder of how well this stuff works. While this was an extremely challenging week for me in…

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    On the Shoulders of Giants – a scientific model for kinesiology ethics

    The IASK (International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists) forum this year brought forward a question of ethics. Specifically, how we can move forward as an industry while respecting the intellectual property of course writers and authors. As you can imagine, this sparked some pretty interesting responses! The forum is supposed to allow each person who wishes to, to speak briefly on the topic but without referring to the remarks made by anyone else. This gets a little intense when you have a lot of people speaking a variety of languages who are all passionate about their craft. The responses ranged from rants about the sanctity of copyright laws, to how to…

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    International SK Week

    Every year it becomes a little less weird. Specialized Kinesiology is becoming more mainstream, but we still have a long way to go to increase public awareness. At the 2nd Meeting of Associations in Portugal, 2015 (hosted by IASK, the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists), we decided to declare a week for just this. Seven days when, as kinesiologists all over the world, we will all make an effort to bring muscle testing out to the public and educate as many people as possible. International SK Week is March 13-19. I encourage all my peers to find a way to talk about their work with as many people as possible.…

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    Matthew Thie on Touch for Health Basics and Why They Matter

    Originally published in Specialized Kinesiology Magazine, Winter 2017 Back to Basics issue. Photo credit: Jan Cole, 2016 TFHKA Conference Growing up with the creator of Touch for Health for a father, the system seems to be in Matthew Thie’s blood. Any conversation with Matthew about kinesiology work eventually makes its way back to the core tenants of self-responsibility and why basic, simple techniques are the best ones; and he has made a career out of travelling the world speaking on this subject and teaching others. And so for this issue, Matthew and I sat down for a long-distance conversation about the basics of kinesiology, what has changed and why it…

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    Is kinesiology ‘Un-Christian’?

    Every once and awhile I get questioned by someone who believes that kinesiology and muscle testing are not Biblical and should not be sanctioned by true Christians. As this has come up for myself and a few of my students recently, I thought I would take a minute to write about it. If you believe in an almighty and benevolent Creator, it makes sense to think that He would make our bodies in a way that would allow us to heal ourselves. We have brilliant systems for self-healing in place; the procedure your body goes through to close up an open wound for instance, platelets, plasma and fibrin working to…

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    The Body is Electrical

    The body is electrical. You often hear people in the holistic health field referring to the body as energetic, but not giving any thought to what that actually means. If the ‘energy’ that we are referring to when we talk about ‘energy work’ is electric in nature, then we can begin to explain how it works a little better – it means that we can discuss energy in terms of physics, rather than esoteric terminology. This idea appeals to people like me who want to know the ‘how’ of what holistic practitioners do. If you tell me that you can help me feel better by waving your hands around and…

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    Why SK Magazine?

    Why put together a magazine? I love to write. When I was a little kid, I figured I would be a poet and fiction writer when I grew up. When I was in high school and began to understand that poetry may not be a lucrative field, I decided I was going to be a journalist. That career path was unceremoniously tossed aside when I fell in love with the natural health world, but I have always kept my toes in it. Over the years I have written for newspapers, magazines and websites as a freelancer, usually on the topic of health and wellness, trying to demystify subjects like kinesiology…

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