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    My Problems with Self-Acceptance

    I have major problems with self-acceptance. Here’s the thing – I work in an industry where we are constantly trying to help people to love and accept themselves and I understand that this is a key to feeling good and healing both physically and emotionally and all the rest of that. We say it like they are the same thing: self-love and self-acceptance, and in reality, they have to be pretty closely linked because how can you love that which you don’t accept? And yet this is where I struggle. For one simple reason that might sound silly when I say it out loud, but here it goes: I want…

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    3 ways to Deal with Dreams Coming True

    The craziness of having all your dreams come true. When we work with goals in Specialized Kinesiology, there is an understanding that, for a goal to be worthwhile, there needs to be a certain amount of stress on it. If there isn’t any stress on it, than it’s not really a goal, it’s just a to do list that you are procrastinating about. Most of the time, the stress results from how far away our goals seem to be from reality; for example the man living paycheck to paycheck will show a lot of stress on the goal of being financially secure, as it just seems so unlikely. In our…

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