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Why SK Magazine?

Why put together a magazine?happy-issue-cover

I love to write. When I was a little kid, I figured I would be a poet and fiction writer when I grew up. When I was in high school and began to understand that poetry may not be a lucrative field, I decided I was going to be a journalist. That career path was unceremoniously tossed aside when I fell in love with the natural health world, but I have always kept my toes in it. Over the years I have written for newspapers, magazines and websites as a freelancer, usually on the topic of health and wellness, trying to demystify subjects like kinesiology and nutrition for the average reader. Since my move to the rain forest I have had more time to enjoy writing again and I thought it would be great if there was a magazine designed for us as Specialized Kinesiology practitioners – something that would connect individuals in different countries and allow us to help each other in order to get more/better information out to the public.

I have two goals that I want to achieve, not just through this magazine, but in my work as a whole right now and I am curious if these two ideas resonate with you.


  • To empower leaders. The Specialized Kinesiology instructors and practitioners I know are a passionate, highly educated bunch. They love what they do and love working with clients, but sometimes it can be difficult to get the word out to new people in an effective way. The materials I am creating (blog posts, infographics, YouTube videos, and this magazine) are designed to help other leaders in the SK field be successful, which in turn raises awareness of our field in general (see point #2). This is especially true for new practitioners who sometimes feel unsupported in this industry and unsure how to proceed. If this is you, I want you to know I’ve got your back! Let’s do this together. The features of the magazine are designed to give you some insight into the minds of some of the most influential people in the SK world, combined with tips and strategies for building your business and interesting news pertaining to natural health. Please use these resources and let me know if there are other tools that you wish you had at your disposal.
  • To raise the profile of Specialized Kinesiology. This work is so amazing, we should be shouting from the rooftops. In this age of content marketing and social media, shouting about something you love and believe in is easier than ever! One of the original ideas behind Touch for Health was that there would be someone on every street who could offer a balance. While that might not be true in a literal sense, I would bet that it is true online – everyone probably knows someone who knows someone online who does this kind of work; there are only a couple degrees of separation at most. By creating and sharing content we reach, not only our associates and friends, but theirs as well and that’s how word spreads.


This magazine will be published quarterly on and I am hoping that the issues simply get bigger and better as we go. First thing tomorrow morning (October 15, 2016) this goes live! Please share and let me know what you think.

Be Amazing!


Instructor, practitioner, speaker and writer for Specialized Kinesiology. Homeschooling homesteading in the jungle. Mother of Dragons.