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The Wonderful World of Distance Sessions

In the Kinesiology world, we do some really weird stuff. But distance sessions kick up the weird quotient to uncomfortable heights for some people. So let’s a take a moment to discuss what happens in a distance session and how it works.

What happens in a distance session?

When I do a session of this kind, I begin by calling you so we can have a quick conversation about what’s going on with you and your health. This gives our session some focus. Your voice carries a distinct resonance and frequency. This means that it has it’s own energetic pattern. There are some who use machines with electromagnetic feedback as part of a treatment for speech impediments for example, reading the frequencies in the voice and then extrapolating which muscles are tense from that data. You can buy apps for your phone that match the complex frequency of your voice to a database storing frequencies of pathogens, organ systems, chakras etc. to give you a complete analysis of your health.

I mention this not because this is what we do in a distance session, but to help explain. If an app can read the vibrational frequencies of your voice and make suggestions for your health, surely a trained practitioner can as well? In the world of quantum physics we understand that distance doesn’t really mean all that much if there is an energetic connection. We are only just scratching the surface of quantum theory as it relates to entanglement between individuals. While we used to think that quantum entanglement only happened between subatomic particles in special situations, it has now been proven in a lab that living cells can become entangled (they have only done it with single-celled bacterium up to this point, but I have faith!). When we do a distance session I am tapping into your energetic field and then using myself as a surrogate for the muscle testing so that I can see where the stress is in your body. The systems that I work with predominately in session are GEMS and SIPS and when we are in session, I visualize the individual in front of me just as they would be if they came into my office. I make contact with the points virtually and I feel the energetic flow the same way I do in person.

When we are working at a distance, two things become extremely important. One is permissions, meaning that an ethical practitioner never works on anyone without their explicit permission to do so. We are not using this to ‘read’ someone from a distance, to make predictions, or to try to gain an advantage of some sort. Most of us have an energetic screen that keeps us from being a completely open-book all the time. When you give someone permission to work on you, it allows them inside this bubble. If you don’t want to be worked on, your practitioner doesn’t get clear results from muscle testing. I mention this because there seems to be a fear when you mention something like distance work to people that it means you are ‘scanning’ them all the time or messing with them in some way. This isn’t the case; partly because it’s unethical and partly because, frankly, while I am sure that your inner workings and motivation are endlessly fascinating, we are all busy people who can only schedule so much time to work on others.

The second is focus. It is always important to be focused on your client, but as you can imagine, if the client is not physically present it becomes both more difficult and more important to be absolutely clear as to what you are doing and who you are working on. When in a distance session, I am working hard to only think about the individual I am connecting with and to be as focused as possible. Think of it like light. A bulb in a room sheds a little light on everyone, but if you focus light into a tight beam, what you end up with is a laser – energy focused so tightly in carry huge amounts of information vast distances, even into space. The focus and the intention create the intensity that allows our work to be effective.

After I have gone through the session, pulling up all of the areas of stress and helping the body diffuse them, I do corrections and see what is needed to complete the session. I then call you back so we can go over everything that came up in the session and what steps you might need to take in order to facilitate your own healing (supplements, affirmations, howling at the full moon – no, wait, that’s the other thing, nevermind). People often tell me that they viscerally felt things change over the course of the session, or that they experience an emotional release without knowing consciously exactly what it was that had come up.

Distance work may not appeal to everyone. And when someone is in need of structural corrections, of course it isn’t as effective when done energetically from a distance and it is when you can actually get your hands on someone. But this can open up work to those who can’t get to a session in person (or people who want to keep working with their practitioner who has up and moved to Costa Rica).

What others say:

“In a general way I would say that distance work helps me come to a new balance in each step of my healing journey and evolution. When what I’m doing leaves me discombobulated on many levels, Alexis’ distance work resets those levels so I feel settled, collected, integrated and ready to carry on. I have confidence in it because she has sorted out and made sense of many of my strange situations, leaving me feeling realigned.” S.B., Peachland, BC

“Working via distance sessions with Alexis has been extremely productive right from the start, and continues to be so; we have worked this way for well over a year and a half. My body systems respond quickly and very well to the gentle and focused interventions, and the information Alexis shares after the session is consistently accurate and streamlined, always fitting with my history and current emotional, mental and physical experiences. Working this way has been a massive contributor to the gains I’ve made health wise over the last couple of years, and I have as much confidence working via distance sessions as I do in person. I find this an extremely effective and productive way to conduct sessions.” T.W., Kelowna, BC

And from a fellow practitioner whom I do distance sessions for and who does them on others:

“Recently when working via distance session with a client who is pregnant and also a fitness instructor, muscle testing indicated that I should correct her IT band. This was puzzling to me as I believed this may go beyond the realm of what distance session work can offer. I reset the IT band anyhow, and afterward I spoke with her to follow up and see how she was doing.She said, “My hips and lower back no longer hurt and I know it sounds weird, but I could actually feel the band roll into place when you did it.” Even when following up a few weeks later, her hips and lower back pain was still gone.

While all these words only offer examples, the book Mind to Matter, by Dawson Church offers wonderful scientific reasons of why distance healing works, and the following excerpt contains a few studies that support the work as well. “Variants of the experiment found that distance was not an obstacle. Whether the mice were in close proximity to or far from the healer did not matter. Energy healing does not appear to be confined by the usual barriers of time and space (Oschman, 2015). Distant intentionality can be as effective as the presence of a healer in the room (Schmidt, Schneider, Utts,& Walach, 2004).” J.G., VA

Thoughts? I am interested to hear your opinion!

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