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    Rethinking Stacking

    In a field where I value truth and intention over almost everything else, there is one place where I haven’t been completely honest. This is something that has been nagging at me for a long time, but I have been afraid to put it out there. Afraid of seeming disrespectful to the amazing thinkers and innovators that came before me in this field and laid the groundwork for everything we do every day and the peers that I respect around the world now. I feel like we need to have a conversation about Stacking (Pause Lock, Circuit Retaining Mode, whatever you want to call it). Some background: Many have heard…

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    Dimension Stress: demystifying the multiverse

    There are many different versions of the multiverse theory, even outside of comic books. For example, if space/time is flat and goes on infinitely, there are only so many possibly particle configurations within cosmic patches, so there must be many repeating universes; some that are exactly the same as ours and other that have some differences (and by some differences, what they mean is a particle or two are different) and then a range with more differences, until you had worlds on the other end of the spectrum totally unlike ours. Some theories have new universes springing into existence every time there is a choice of any kind to be…

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    3 Things I’ve learned from teaching Kinesiology in Russia

      Teaching any class forces you to really think about and examine what you know, but teaching a class that speaks a different language than you pushes you to up your game in whole different way. Because I have been teaching SIPS classes for a few years now, teaching levels 1 & 2 doesn’t really stress me out anymore. I know these levels inside and out and while I won’t say that I could teach them in my sleep, I have dreamt entire workshops before (because yes, I am the kind of person who literally dreams about kinesiology). Teaching them with an interpreter working by your side is a whole…

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    Using Knowlative in Class and why it Rocks!

    So many things sound great in theory, but then, when you actually look closer, fall short. Now that some of the features of Knowlative are up and running, I want to share how I am using this in my work as an instructor. I am a week into what will end up being about six weeks solid of teaching with classes in BC Canada and then through 3 of the United States. Mostly, these are SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) classes, a modality which makes heavy use of the acupressure system. Knowlative is a tool that I can offer my students in order to help them point locate in class.…

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    A life-changing foot rub in 10 minutes or less

    Feet are not my favourite thing to work on. Especially here, in the land of perpetual flip-flops where feet tend to be particularly grubby. But there are times when working on feet is absolutely going to be the key to getting someone back into good shape. I had one of those sessions the other day, and as I was working on said Hobbit feet, I started thinking about foot rubs and how often well-meaning people give really bad foot massages. You know the ones; they are ticklish, or vaguely creepy. But if you know what you are doing, you can reset someone’s posture, release old injuries, relax the body and…

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    The Body is Electrical

    The body is electrical. You often hear people in the holistic health field referring to the body as energetic, but not giving any thought to what that actually means. If the ‘energy’ that we are referring to when we talk about ‘energy work’ is electric in nature, then we can begin to explain how it works a little better – it means that we can discuss energy in terms of physics, rather than esoteric terminology. This idea appeals to people like me who want to know the ‘how’ of what holistic practitioners do. If you tell me that you can help me feel better by waving your hands around and…

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