Energy Medicine

The Body is Electrical

The body is electrical. You often hear people in the holistic health field referring to the body as energetic, but not giving any thought to what that actually means. If the ‘energy’ that we are referring to when we talk about ‘energy work’ is electric in nature, then we can begin to explain how it works a little better – it means that we can discuss energy in terms of physics, rather than esoteric terminology.

This idea appeals to people like me who want to know the ‘how’ of what holistic practitioners do. If you tell me that you can help me feel better by waving your hands around and singing Beatles’ songs backward, I’ll believe you; I just want to hear a logical explanation first. Followed by a little Lucy in the Sky, of course.

The following is from the SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) manual from Level One where Ian Stubbings (creator of this modality) explains some of the principles at play.

There are basics of electricity that are taught to children in school. Electricity is;

  1. Loosely attached electrons in atoms
  2. Loose electrons flow along a conductor
  3. This flow is an electrical current measured in Amperes
  4. The force pulling electrons along the conductor is called voltage.
  5. Resistance to this force is measured in Ohms and the resulting net flow of electrons is the Amperage.


SIPS is the kinesiology system that I work with the most and will be teaching next week (check the website for the current schedule!). It works with the electrical systems in the body to diffuse stress and promote healing.

OHM’s Law says that Voltage (the energy to do work) is equal to Amperage (the rate of electron flow) x Resistance (Impedance to flow of electrons)

In our bodies, this translates to the SIPS Law of Stress:




Does this sound interesting to you? More information can be found at www.sipskinesiology .com but I would love to hear any questions/comments below.

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