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Specialized Kinesiology – What I Wish I Knew Before I Started

Lately, as I have been attempting to navigate my way through new adventures in homesteading, I have been reading a lot of blog posts. Many of these have had similar titles of the, “5 things I wish I had known before getting goats” or “10 things you should know before buying chickens” variety. This has lead me to think a lot about one of the most common questions I am asked as an instructor of Specialized Kinesiology – what do you need to know before you start?

The truth is, looking back, I am embarrassed by how little I knew when I started out. I had a background in nutrition and herbology and such, but when I began muscle testing I had simply taken a weekend Level One Touch For Health class. I walked into work Monday morning so hyper about what I had learned that I started showing everyone. But here’s the thing: it worked.

I was speaking online two days ago with a student of mine who was one of those early clients. She was asking questions because she has difficulty feeling like she knows enough to be able to help people. I told her that the fact that things worked for me in those first sessions I did – both the muscle testing itself, and the body’s ability to heal once balanced and given the correct information – is what convinces me that this is real.

Here’s her response: “You were/are so amazing, I vividly remember that day on the floor with L-. Changed our lives – literally… Nice to hear that you felt that way at one time too. And yet, it was so powerful of a change…I just want to bottle what you do and hold it…”

Which is one of the most flattering things I’ve ever heard, but that’s beside the point.

There will always be more to know in this field. There will always be another course to take, another book to read. At some point though, you need to trust two things: one, that muscle testing is real and will work, even if you don’t have absolutely all of the information, and two, that the body can heal itself. Once you fully-completely believe these two things, you realize that taking more classes simply allows you to work faster and more directly. Should you take as many classes as you can? Absolutely, you will learn something of value at each one. But even if all you have at your disposal is the ability to muscle test accurately, you can help change someone’s life.

How does this relate to the chicken-goat-mistake blogs? If I look back at my career in natural health, I realize that I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to give me a list like that when I was starting it. It would have felt too intimidating. I had a much easier time, in my naiveté, simply working with each new tool as I got it and assuming that it would help people. Similarly, now that I have my little homestead, we are simply figuring it out, one piece at a time. I built a chicken coop because I had already bought chicks that were going to get too big for the cardboard box hotel pretty quickly. We built a greenhouse after realizing that too much rain will kill just about everything. This is not necessarily the order that many people would do things in, but it works for us; you work with what you have, you learn as you go, you change as you need to.

Now go make the world a better place.

Be Amazing,


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