Touch for Health

Touch for Health provides the fundamentals for Specialized Kinesiology. Over the course of four levels students learn how to use muscle testing to assess energy flow in the 14 meridians. This can improve posture, reduce pain and stress and allow people to function their best!

The following explanation is mostly borrowed from the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology website, (which I humbly plagiarize from as Past President). See for more info.

In a Touch for Health™ session, muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance within the body. The concept of “muscle testing” becomes a very effective and versatile tool for detecting and correcting various imbalances in the body which may relate to stress, nutrition, learning problems, and injuries.

Touch for Health™ (TFH) was originated by Dr. John Thie, DC, a chiropractor in Pasadena, California. Dr. Thie had studied with Dr. George Goodheart, DC, the developer of Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Goodheart had taken the study of movement (kinesiology) and added to it corrections to strengthen muscles and improve function (practical application). His system was taught to chiropractors and other professionals.

Dr. John Thie realized that these methods were extremely useful, and also simple enough for anyone to learn. He developed TFH as a program for the lay person. He wrote the book: ‘Touch for Health™’, and began teaching courses.

Every year the Annual Conference includes presentations of new and interesting material in the field, and at the same time giving practitioners and instructors a chance to get together, network, learn from each other, and have some fun.

Check the Schedule page to see what classes are coming up in your area, or contact me if you’d like to learn Touch for Health in a gorgeous tropical environment with your friends.