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    Corona Virus – Some Ideas

    No, I don’t have a protocol for Cororna Virus. But I do have some ideas… Let’s start with some background information. Every year cold and flu viruses take a toll on health. The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die each year from flu and flu-like illness (source: Webmd.com). While we are able to see what a virus looks like and the general affects that it has on people, the truth of the matter is that everyone is different. Many cases of Covid-19 are asymptomatic, meaning that they result in no symptoms at all or such light symptoms that people may not realize that they are infected. About…

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    Practitioner Retreat in Costa Rica

    A couple of years ago, at a conference in Malibu, I sat outside late with a group of friends drinking wine and talking. Every once and awhile one of us would declare ‘no more kinesiology-talk’, but it never lasted long; the conversation returning again and again to the work/research/politics of this fascinating modality. Some of these were people I had never met in person before, but we all felt deeply bonded by our shared experience with this work. Later, talking with one of these friends, he expressed some sadness that there had been so few opportunities to actually work on each other at the conference. Sure, there was a ‘Balance…

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    Memories of Water and Frozen 2

    In the new Disney movie Frozen 2, Elsa reveals another interesting power that we don’t see in the first movie. In addition to making ice, making dresses, bestowing life upon snow-folk and singing songs that will linger in your consciousness for all eternity, in this movie she makes water behave in an interesting way. She seems to be able to summon the memories of a place through the water found there, then turn it to ice so that she can look at it properly. This as a concept is kind of fascinating because it mingles with some of the science that we are playing with in the holistic health field…

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    Rethinking Stacking

    In a field where I value truth and intention over almost everything else, there is one place where I haven’t been completely honest. This is something that has been nagging at me for a long time, but I have been afraid to put it out there. Afraid of seeming disrespectful to the amazing thinkers and innovators that came before me in this field and laid the groundwork for everything we do every day and the peers that I respect around the world now. I feel like we need to have a conversation about Stacking (Pause Lock, Circuit Retaining Mode, whatever you want to call it). Some background: Many have heard…

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    What’s in a name? Losing my ‘K’

    What’s in a name? We have long known that ‘Kinesiology’ is not the perfect word to describe what we do. Yes, there is muscle testing and yes, we study muscle movement, but we know that what we do falls into a broad spectrum. Some of our modalities are overtly concerned with structure; muscles, spindle cells, proprioception and the way these move together. Others don’t pay attention to muscle or structure at all, perhaps only teaching the use of a single indicator muscle in order to read stress found mostly in the emotional and energetic systems. Other systems run the gambit and dip into both ends. No wonder it is difficult…

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    Emotional Processing in the Triune Brain; Taming the Lizard when Life gets Crazy

    By Alexis Costello Image: From The Amazing Spiderman This is my conference journal paper for the upcoming Kinesiology Federation conference in Oxford, UK – I wanted to share the protocol with everyone and hear how it is working for you! Get in touch and let me know. You’ve heard of the Reptilian, Limbic and Neo-cortical sections of the brain. Each of these process emotions, but they do it differently with wildly different results. In order to thrive in our modern jungle, we need to utilize the survival strategies of the lizard brain without allowing it to dominate our physiology. Specialized Kinesiology can give us the skills to bring balance to…

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    The Wonderful World of Distance Sessions

    In the Kinesiology world, we do some really weird stuff. But distance sessions kick up the weird quotient to uncomfortable heights for some people. So let’s a take a moment to discuss what happens in a distance session and how it works. What happens in a distance session? When I do a session of this kind, I begin by calling you so we can have a quick conversation about what’s going on with you and your health. This gives our session some focus. Your voice carries a distinct resonance and frequency. This means that it has it’s own energetic pattern. There are some who use machines with electromagnetic feedback as…

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    Dimension Stress: demystifying the multiverse

    There are many different versions of the multiverse theory, even outside of comic books. For example, if space/time is flat and goes on infinitely, there are only so many possibly particle configurations within cosmic patches, so there must be many repeating universes; some that are exactly the same as ours and other that have some differences (and by some differences, what they mean is a particle or two are different) and then a range with more differences, until you had worlds on the other end of the spectrum totally unlike ours. Some theories have new universes springing into existence every time there is a choice of any kind to be…

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    3 Things I’ve learned from teaching Kinesiology in Russia

      Teaching any class forces you to really think about and examine what you know, but teaching a class that speaks a different language than you pushes you to up your game in whole different way. Because I have been teaching SIPS classes for a few years now, teaching levels 1 & 2 doesn’t really stress me out anymore. I know these levels inside and out and while I won’t say that I could teach them in my sleep, I have dreamt entire workshops before (because yes, I am the kind of person who literally dreams about kinesiology). Teaching them with an interpreter working by your side is a whole…

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