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Touch for Health for Chickens – The Balancing of Prince Agatha

So everyone who has been following us on Facebook or on my blog knows by now that we bought some chicks. Despite having no idea what we were doing. And things were going pretty well with them, up until they turned six weeks old. This is the true story of how I used my Touch for Health knowledge to bring a chick back from the (nearly) dead.

In the mornings, I usually open up the coop and lift the chicks out so that they go forage and run around the yard, but on this particular morning, one of the chickens was lying in a corner alone. He would not get up, couldn’t seem to move on his own. Gingerly I picked him up so I could take a look at him. No signs of trauma, no clue as to what had happened, but he couldn’t even lift his head. Of course, this wasn’t just any chicken, this was my daughter’s favourite, the one she had picked out of a mass of fluffy new chicks, the one that followed me around the yard. In short, the one we would miss the most if something bad happened. The kids were devastated. We put the chicken in a box and I began trying to run energy Quantum Touch style, but it didn’t seem to be helping.

I checked in on him every ½ hour or so through the morning, but there were no signs of improvement. He just lay there, unmoving. I thought I would give it one more shot, so I tried again to muscle test him, using myself as a surrogate. I finally got the answer that Agatha (that’s right, Agatha the chicken. Who we now realize is a rooster, so I call him Prince Agatha, but at that time, we thought he was a hen. Doesn’t matter.), needed a 14 Fix-as-you-go Touch for Health balance. This is the simplest balance you can do, and, in all honesty, I was a little surprised that something this simple came up as the answer considering all of the other tools that I have at my disposal. But I believe in muscle testing, so I went along with it.

I called my daughter (a Specialized Kinesiology genius in her own right) over and told her that we were going to do a surrogate balance for Agatha. Surrogate balancing works because energy can flow from one person to another as long as they are connected. When my daughter makes contact with her chicken she acts like an extension cord and her muscles will surrogate for the chicken’s (in theory), allowing me to see where the imbalances are and help restore order so healing can take place. I have never tried such a thing with a chicken and I had my doubts.

We did the balance, correcting all unlocking muscles by rubbing neuro-lymphatic points on my daughter (hoping the meridian flow of Agatha would be helped) and at the end of the balance, I tested that he needed a little something more, so we went through the alarm points and found a spot of over-activity. The correction that came up for the chicken through circuit locating was to use acupressure holding points. I had to think a bit about where the corresponding points would be on a chicken, held my fingers to his little feet until I felt the pulses synchronize, and stepped back. This was the best I could do. Other than dropping a little water laced with Bach Flower Remedies on his beak, the balance was all I did.

I wish I could say that Agatha immediately jumped up and began flapping around, but that wasn’t the case. He lay still as before. When we were going to bed that night, I told the kids to say their goodbyes as I fully expected him to die during the night. I was totally shocked the next morning when I opened the cabin door and he peaked up over the side of the box and peeped at me! A little shaky on his feet after a day of no food or water, but healing quickly, and thoroughly irate about the fact that I was holding him in quarantine. We let him rejoin the flock the next day and he seems to be in perfect health. I truly believe that the balance allowed Prince Agatha to heal and that he would have died without it. And now they all call be the chicken-whisperer, which is not the most elegant of titles, but I suppose I’ll take it.

For my fellow practitioners, what’s the strangest balance/session you’ve ever done?

Be Amazing!


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