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    A KinesioGeek Manifesto

    KinesioGeek is a term that I began using jokingly to refer to my own brand of nerdiness a few years ago and I was surprised when others began using the term themselves. I realized I had struck a cord – this was something we could identify with. Do we need a manifesto? Not really. But this is what I stand for in my industry in a nutshell, and if you want to stand with me I am thrilled to see you here!  To read the magazine, check out gemskinesiology.com And in text below for those who can’t see the image properly: I will use what I know to create balance…

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    My Problems with Self-Acceptance

    I have major problems with self-acceptance. Here’s the thing – I work in an industry where we are constantly trying to help people to love and accept themselves and I understand that this is a key to feeling good and healing both physically and emotionally and all the rest of that. We say it like they are the same thing: self-love and self-acceptance, and in reality, they have to be pretty closely linked because how can you love that which you don’t accept? And yet this is where I struggle. For one simple reason that might sound silly when I say it out loud, but here it goes: I want…

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    What does success feel like to you? Literally.

    I was recently interviewed for a book and this was on the list of questions. I had been given the list in advance, so I had some time to prepare my answers. I made a few notes that were probably pretty unremarkable: happy healthy family, the ability to travel, knowing I’ve helped others, etc. But then during the actual interview, she changed the question somewhat. She asked me, ‘What does success feel like; as in how does it literally feel in your body?’ And with that slight change in the question, the answer changes entirely. It goes from a question that can be answered easily into a moment that actually…

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    Homesteading Goals 2018

    Last year around this time, I broke my rule of ‘don’t tell people your goals’ and published a blog post about three things I was hoping to accomplish around our little homestead through the year. I thought that this might be an interesting time to take stock of the situation: review what actually happened in each of these three areas last year and think about what the goals are for the next year. February will mark two years since we embarked on this weird little adventure, so this whole homesteading/self-sufficiency thing is still fairly new to me. I am genuinely curious as to what my family will manage to accomplish…

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    Homesteading in Costa Rica, 2017

    2017 Homesteading Goals Normally, I subscribe to the ‘don’t tell people your goals’ school of thought. Due to my introverted nature, I prefer to work quietly behind the scenes and then appear magically with finished projects no-one saw coming. But this whole homesteading/self-sufficiency thing is new to me and I am genuinely curious as to what my family will manage to accomplish this year and what other families are planning on doing in the same vein. So please, include your homesteading goals for this year in the comments below and let’s see how we can grow our Permaculture community (no pun intended)! Here are three areas where I see big…

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    Daily Affirmations – a month of goal setting

    It was one of those ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ experiments – for an entire month I set up a daily affirmation and shared it on Twitter. The result? Better focus and clarity through the day, moving through problems with a little more ease and grace. I have shared the list here in hopes that it might amuse/inspire you. Be Amazing! Alexis Affirmation for the Day: I am clever enough to see through April Fool jokes and good humored enough to appreciate them. Affirmation for the Day: I make my dreams a reality through small steps and good planning. I take things as they come and live in the present (unless the…

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