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    A life-changing foot rub in 10 minutes or less

    Feet are not my favourite thing to work on. Especially here, in the land of perpetual flip-flops where feet tend to be particularly grubby. But there are times when working on feet is absolutely going to be the key to getting someone back into good shape. I had one of those sessions the other day, and as I was working on said Hobbit feet, I started thinking about foot rubs and how often well-meaning people give really bad foot massages. You know the ones; they are ticklish, or vaguely creepy. But if you know what you are doing, you can reset someone’s posture, release old injuries, relax the body and…

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    What does success feel like to you? Literally.

    I was recently interviewed for a book and this was on the list of questions. I had been given the list in advance, so I had some time to prepare my answers. I made a few notes that were probably pretty unremarkable: happy healthy family, the ability to travel, knowing I’ve helped others, etc. But then during the actual interview, she changed the question somewhat. She asked me, ‘What does success feel like; as in how does it literally feel in your body?’ And with that slight change in the question, the answer changes entirely. It goes from a question that can be answered easily into a moment that actually…

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  • Costa Rica Ramblings

    Quiet/Noisy Life

    This life is full of contradictions. The one that I am thinking of today has to do with noise and what that means to us. Because it is never quiet here: the river rushes steadily below us, the cicadas sing in the rainforest, the rain cascades unrelentingly through the leaves. The birds are calling, and every shift in the sky or weather is greeted enthusiastically by my over-zealous rooster. All this, plus a 4 year old with a personality many sizes too large for him who doesn’t stop talking even in his sleep. And yet, despite the constant noise that surrounds me, I appreciate the quiet of this life. That…

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    The Body is Electrical

    The body is electrical. You often hear people in the holistic health field referring to the body as energetic, but not giving any thought to what that actually means. If the ‘energy’ that we are referring to when we talk about ‘energy work’ is electric in nature, then we can begin to explain how it works a little better – it means that we can discuss energy in terms of physics, rather than esoteric terminology. This idea appeals to people like me who want to know the ‘how’ of what holistic practitioners do. If you tell me that you can help me feel better by waving your hands around and…

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    What is Kinesiology?

    If Specialized Kinesiology isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever experienced, then you probably don’t understand it. I have been working with it for over ten years and it still rocks my world with its’ power, simplicity and scope. Here is a quick answer to the question: what is kinesiology? Kinesiology is the study of movement, and most of the kinesiologists out there have gone to university to study muscles, how they work and how to train them in order to treat and avoid injury. Specialized (also called energetic) Kinesiology is a little different. Here, a muscle test is used as an indicator of what is happening on a deeper level…

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    Beyond Massage – Muscle Testing for RMTs

    No doubt about it, few things in life are as amazing as a good massage. How would you feel about a tool that would allow you to take your business as a massage therapist to another level? I fell in love with massage as a practitioner first, before I started muscle testing. I loved the immediate change in a client; the way I could literally feel them relaxing and healing themselves under my hands and the exchange of energy involved. And yet, massage has its limitations. It can be frustrating for instance, when you realize that the basis of the issue is stress-related, but you don’t have any techniques that…

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  • Health Should be Fun

    Why You Need to Laugh Today

    A good laugh and a long sleep can cure almost anything. This is a subject close to my heart because (as is stated on this site repeatedly) I firmly believe that health should be fun. Therefore the idea that having fun can be as beneficial for your health as eating right and exercise appeals to me. Click here to see a short video about a couple of the health benefits of laughter. This isn’t just a hippy-dippy natural health practitioner idea though. The Mayo Clinic has published a list of both short and long term benefits of laughter and they’re, like, real doctors who don’t mess around, so you can…

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