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Memories of Water and Frozen 2

In the new Disney movie Frozen 2, Elsa reveals another interesting power that we don’t see in the first movie. In addition to making ice, making dresses, bestowing life upon snow-folk and singing songs that will linger in your consciousness for all eternity, in this movie she makes water behave in an interesting way. She seems to be able to summon the memories of a place through the water found there, then turn it to ice so that she can look at it properly.

This as a concept is kind of fascinating because it mingles with some of the science that we are playing with in the holistic health field right now. The idea that water has memory is not new; the concept was first presented as a way of explaining homeopathy; that water takes on the imprint of substances that it comes in contact with and holds the frequencies of those substances, giving it healing properties within the body. While many people say this is simply not true (see an article here where it is argued that water cannot hold memory because water molecules move), others feel that newer science does in fact back this up.

Dr Masaru Emoto became famous in the 90’s by conducting experiments that he felt showed that water was responsive to human consciousness. In these experiments, water was exposed to a word, prayer or visualization and the resulting crystals were photographed. While some have criticized Emoto for not having rigorous enough controls to be considered ‘real science’, he went on to publish several books in a series called ‘Messages From Water’ that have sold extremely well and inspired many people to be more conscious of the fluids they drink and the way they talk to themselves.

More recently, the holistic health field has been inspired by the work of Gerald Pollack. In his book ‘The Fourth Phase of Water’, Pollack explains that there is a state of water beyond the ones we are taught in elementary school (liquid, solid, gas) where the water becomes structured. In this state it has more the consistency of a gel and has a crystalline structure. It’s the crystalline lattice structure that is important for our conversation here because crystals have long been used to store and transmit electrical information. If we can use a silicon crystal to store a piece of information, then can water with a similar structure be used to hold information as well? Some people may be uncomfortable with describing a memory as simply electrical information, but this is pretty well-documented. When an individual is hooked up to an EEG and asked to remember a specific event, the brain is seen to light up in different areas. This is electrical output, which can be read and stored.

So what if it was, in fact, possible that memory can be stored in water? The phrase ‘muscle memory’ is commonly accepted; we understand that muscles and tendons in our bodies hold on to patterns and can remember a series of movements even after a long time has passed (it’s like riding a bike!). Our bodies are full of water in various forms; intracellular, extracellular, lymph, etc. The thought that water could have 1) a crystalline structure and 2) memory, is a game changer affecting the way that we think about both trauma and healing.

If memories are stored in water, then we should be able to release the stress held in these through techniques such as Specialized Kinesiology. And it means that we should be able to reprogram the water crystals in the body to some extent as well, whether that is through meditation, prayer and affirmations like Emoto suggested; through the frequencies of specific minerals and flowers as in homeopathy; or through the loving hands of a practitioner. All with the goal of being able to create the most beautiful statues possible when we encounter the snow queen.

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