Energy Medicine

Intention perception

How important is ‘intention’ really for a holistic health practitioner and what on earth does it actually mean?

This is near and dear to my heart because, as an instructor of different modalities of holistic and specialized kinesiology, it makes me absolutely insane when I see people gloss over the finer details of the work, declaring it to be “all intention anyways”. ‘Intention’ is not a catchall that allows for laziness, rather it is the compass that points you in the right direction and keeps you on course.

Here’s the way I see it: everything that we work with comes down to frequency. When I use a specific acupoint, that has a frequency. When you use a gemstone or crystal, that has a frequency. Even a pharmaceutical is a frequency because it is patterned information. All vibrational frequencies are patterns of information and this information allows the body to make changes based on this new information provided. So it is not the acupoint or the crystal or the medication that heals, but rather the cells making changes to the structure based on new information that causes healing.

But look, over the course of the average session, you might find many areas of stress for the individual on many different levels of their being, ranging from nutritional stress (is beer and chocolate not an acceptable dinner?), to energetic stress (as I type this from the center of a WiFi cloud), to emotional stress (no examples required – we’re all just getting through the day). These different kinds of stresses require different information to come back into balance, so I might be providing that with several different sources: a physical correction like stimulating a certain point on the body, an herbal supplement, an affirmation, etc. To me, the intention does not replace any of these key components – they are each here to provide a specific piece of information. The intention is here to provide overarching integrity and coherence to each of these components, so they act like a unit.

Often in order to fix something that is broken we must take it apart a little first. Once it is in pieces, we can see clearly how it all needs to fit together and we can realign all the parts in a better way. Intention is what holds everything in place so that we can look at the components and not have pieces go missing under the couch; it allows for smooth reassembly.

In the end, this ability to hold space and intention with focus and clarity is probably one of the big differences between average practitioners and great ones.

Be amazing!

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