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Using Knowlative in Class and why it Rocks!

So many things sound great in theory, but then, when you actually look closer, fall short. Now that some of the features of Knowlative are up and running, I want to share how I am using this in my work as an instructor.

I am a week into what will end up being about six weeks solid of teaching with classes in BC Canada and then through 3 of the United States. Mostly, these are SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) classes, a modality which makes heavy use of the acupressure system. Knowlative is a tool that I can offer my students in order to help them point locate in class. Setting up an account gives you a free trial period, so I know that people can use it while in class without being stuck with something they don’t want if they don’t find it useful, unlike the acupressure apps out there that you have to purchase up front.

Once you login, you are taken to a very simple ‘Google style’ search bar.

Entering the name of an acupoint brings you to information about the point, it’s Chinese name, what is does, how to find it, and a picture so you can locate it properly. This is especially interesting for people who don’t just want to know where the point it, but what to understand more about it in order to gain a deeper understanding of why it is coming up for the client at this time.

I took screenshots of some of the points that need to be referenced consistently and made them into slides in order to help give my students a visual cue while lecturing about them.

In a class like SIPS One where we work with 21 muscles to balance the knee joint, or Touch for Health where we learn 42 muscles over the course of the synthesis, I can refer them to the ‘Muscle’ and ‘Muscle test’ sections. These give information about the muscle, where it is, how it works and how to do the test. Is this stuff we cover in class? Yep. Can it be useful for people to have another reminder after class of how it works? Yes again. The descriptions and photos are different than what is included in the manuals and sometimes all it takes is reading the description with different words or seeing a test done a different way to help it ‘click’ for someone so that they get it.

The next addition to the Knowlative platform will be the Editor, which will allow users to add their techniques into the system to be shared. I am really looking forward to adding some of my material in this way as a further support to students all over the world! I have affiliated myself with this company because I want to be part of projects that are going to change the Specialized Kinesiology world for the better. And I’m really sorry if any of this sounded pitchy – I’m actually not making any money on this platform; but I do think it’s really interesting and I want to see how it helps us all level up. If you are interested, check it out and please let me know what you think!

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