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    What’s in a name? Losing my ‘K’

    What’s in a name? We have long known that ‘Kinesiology’ is not the perfect word to describe what we do. Yes, there is muscle testing and yes, we study muscle movement, but we know that what we do falls into a broad spectrum. Some of our modalities are overtly concerned with structure; muscles, spindle cells, proprioception and the way these move together. Others don’t pay attention to muscle or structure at all, perhaps only teaching the use of a single indicator muscle in order to read stress found mostly in the emotional and energetic systems. Other systems run the gambit and dip into both ends. No wonder it is difficult…

  • Energy Medicine,  Health Should be Fun

    A KinesioGeek Manifesto

    KinesioGeek is a term that I began using jokingly to refer to my own brand of nerdiness a few years ago and I was surprised when others began using the term themselves. I realized I had struck a cord – this was something we could identify with. Do we need a manifesto? Not really. But this is what I stand for in my industry in a nutshell, and if you want to stand with me I am thrilled to see you here!  To read the magazine, check out gemskinesiology.com And in text below for those who can’t see the image properly: I will use what I know to create balance…

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