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    What’s in a name? Losing my ‘K’

    What’s in a name? We have long known that ‘Kinesiology’ is not the perfect word to describe what we do. Yes, there is muscle testing and yes, we study muscle movement, but we know that what we do falls into a broad spectrum. Some of our modalities are overtly concerned with structure; muscles, spindle cells, proprioception and the way these move together. Others don’t pay attention to muscle or structure at all, perhaps only teaching the use of a single indicator muscle in order to read stress found mostly in the emotional and energetic systems. Other systems run the gambit and dip into both ends. No wonder it is difficult…

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    The Wonderful World of Distance Sessions

    In the Kinesiology world, we do some really weird stuff. But distance sessions kick up the weird quotient to uncomfortable heights for some people. So let’s a take a moment to discuss what happens in a distance session and how it works. What happens in a distance session? When I do a session of this kind, I begin by calling you so we can have a quick conversation about what’s going on with you and your health. This gives our session some focus. Your voice carries a distinct resonance and frequency. This means that it has it’s own energetic pattern. There are some who use machines with electromagnetic feedback as…

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