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    A life-changing foot rub in 10 minutes or less

    Feet are not my favourite thing to work on. Especially here, in the land of perpetual flip-flops where feet tend to be particularly grubby. But there are times when working on feet is absolutely going to be the key to getting someone back into good shape. I had one of those sessions the other day, and as I was working on said Hobbit feet, I started thinking about foot rubs and how often well-meaning people give really bad foot massages. You know the ones; they are ticklish, or vaguely creepy. But if you know what you are doing, you can reset someone’s posture, release old injuries, relax the body and…

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    Beyond Massage – Muscle Testing for RMTs

    No doubt about it, few things in life are as amazing as a good massage. How would you feel about a tool that would allow you to take your business as a massage therapist to another level? I fell in love with massage as a practitioner first, before I started muscle testing. I loved the immediate change in a client; the way I could literally feel them relaxing and healing themselves under my hands and the exchange of energy involved. And yet, massage has its limitations. It can be frustrating for instance, when you realize that the basis of the issue is stress-related, but you don’t have any techniques that…

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