GEMS Kinesiology

GEMS is a system of Specialized Kinesiology that I developed after several years of teaching Touch for Health and noticing where students and practitioners get stuck. While this began with a 2-day class to help practitioners get going (now taught as GEMS Flow and GEMS Business), this has morphed over time into more. For example, GEMS Elementals is now available, taking students deeper into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5-element theory and the ways it can merge with and compliment specialized kinesiology.

GEMS stands for Goal, Element, Mode, Stack.  It offers an easy-to-follow flow chart that allows a student or practitioner to easily figure out where the priority stressors for an individual are and what balancing technique will work to resolve these efficiently.  It is based on information from the TFH synthesis and is designed to allow a practitioner to flow easily from one modality to another, incorporating the entire body of knowledge available to the individual.

The aim of GEMS Flow and Business is to teach a system that will allow the student to use everything they know in the Specialized Kinesiology realm thus far and bring in additional aspects as they are learned, so that all information falls under the GEMS umbrella.  It offers help and advice in areas such as: how to set up your office and attract clients, walking you through a typical session, taking money and rebooking, marketing and networking, practitioner ethics and scope of practice –  in short, all the areas where practitioners feel stress about setting up their professional practice.

This can also be used as a bridging class for those interested in taking more in-depth Specialized Kinesiology classes, such as SIPS, LEAP, Brain Integration, etc.  These classes assume that a student has knowledge of how to use finger-modes and scan sheets, work from an indicator muscle and properly stack information.  None of these techniques are part of the TFH curriculum however, so often students are left feeling overwhelmed when they arrive in the classroom and instructors are left spending large amounts of class time explaining techniques that are not really part of their modality.

Every time I have the opportunity to teach this class, I am more convinced than ever that this is what our students are looking for.  Check the schedule to see when a class is happening in your area!