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Balancing the World, from the Heart

I was actually a little nervous yesterday in that ‘what if you throw a party and no-one comes?’ kind of way. Yesterday (September 29) was World Heart Day, and so all over social media I could see posts and memes warning about heart disease, about diet, about the statistical likelihood that your heart stopping is the reason for your death. As an international community of holistic health practitioners, the IKC (International Kinesiology College) decided to do something quite different. We hosted a ‘Balancathon’.

In the Chinese meridian system, every two hours of the 24-hour daily cycle, the meridian that is in charge or at its’ peak of energy changes. 11am-1:00pm is the time that the Heart meridian is at its’ peak. Therefore, starting at 11:00 in New Zealand, we began a wave of energy, focus and love that spread around the world with each of us hosting events in our own country from 11-1:00 that focused on balancing the heart and spreading the word about Touch for Health and what this can do for people.

In our village in the south Pacific side of Costa Rica, my friend, my sons and I took over the small community hall for the event. I explained a little bit about Touch for Health, where it came from and why this day was important. I demonstrated a 14-muscle balance on someone who had never had one before. Then we did a ‘muscle dance’ to activate the primary indicator muscles for each meridian. I taught the group a few easy techniques (switching on, Emotional Stress Release, and if you want to watch a short video to earn these things, click here) and we did a colour balance using red for the heart meridian. Then each person there received a balance from either myself or one of my two helpers.

Why does this matter? Because the ability to take care of ourselves and each other is a precious gift. One of the things that gets underlined when we begin looking at holistic health is that we are responsible for our own wellness and that there are little things that we can do each day that contribute towards that. Of course my goal is to spread the word about these modalities that I work with, but more than that, my goal is to help people to think about their health differently; to feel empowered and to take better care of themselves and each other.

Touch for Health and Specialized Kinesiology in general are a huge part of my life. It is what I do for work, but it’s also what I read about, write about, study and sleep on. I don’t need a reminder to make this a priority in my life. But being part of a big event like that yesterday felt different. I loved knowing that my friends and colleagues around the world were a part of this too and that, by doing my small part in a village in Costa Rica, I was joining hands with them around the planet and standing for something bigger than any one of us could possibly be on our own.

If you are interested in seeing some of the videos from events around the world, click here.

And of course, you can always join us next year…

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