TFH Proficiency/Assessment

A Touch for Health Proficiency class will usually run prior to the Instructor/Advanced class. This allows you to review the

Touch for Health Complete Edition
Touch for Health Complete Edition

techniques in the TFH curriculum and complete a written and practical assessment. Proficiency is required before taking the ITW, though it may be done with another Instructor or at another time (meaning you don’t have to do them back to back if that seems like too much!). Completion of this 2-day class allows you to market yourself as ‘IKC Assessed’ and shows that you have achieved a level of competency. Proficiency is required for the TFH Consultant program.

While it can sound scary and intimidating to take a test, this is really a great course. The information is a review and it will allow you to feel confident with all of the techniques. The test is open book, you are allowed to use both your Manual and your personal notes.

Investment for this class is $650 USD, including accommodations, breakfast and lunch each day and certification. There is a $100 discount if you are also taking the Instructor Training Workshop/Advanced Touch for Heath class at the same time (plus, you get a bonus free day of hotel and meals to enjoy the country!)

See schedule for the next class, or if you have a group of students who are interested, contact me about arranging a course in your location.