Touch for Health Classes

Touch for Health is usually taught in a series of four weekends or in a week-long intensive retreat. It is the foundation of Specialized Kinesiology. Over the course of the four levels students learn how to monitor 42 muscles and a series of simple yet powerful corrective techniques. These muscles work as indicators for the 14 pathways of meridian flow.

The full Touch for Health™ Course Syllabus as approved by the International Kinesiology College is laid out below for each level. I am happy to teach classes for small groups if you are interested in traveling to Costa Rica to take a class in a gorgeous setting. Otherwise, you can check the schedule for upcoming classes.

Upon finishing the four levels, you can take a Proficiency Assessment as part of your criteria towards the TFH Consultant Program or in preparation for the TFH Instructor Workshop. Scroll down or contact me for more info.

Touch for Health Level 1 (15 hours)
Opposing Muscle Theory/Triangle of Health
Accurate Muscle Testing
Switch On – K27, CV24 & GV27, GV1+Navel
Water Check / Central Meridian Check / Permissions
Cross Crawl for Fun
General Meridian Massage
Origin/Insertion Technique
Bilateral Muscle Correction Technique
Emotional Stress Release
Strengthening with Foods
Visual Inhibition & Auricular Exercise
Surrogate Testing
Simple Pain Techniques – running meridians, feathering
Posture Awareness, Goal Balancing

Touch for Health Level 2 (15 hours)
Review of TFH 1
Pre-tests and Corrections using Circuit Locating
Golgi / Spindle Proprioceptors
Acupressure Holding Points, Yin/Yang
Balancing using Wheel
Alarm Points – Over Energy
Law of Five Element Theory
ESR for Future Performance
Meridian Massage
Cross Crawl for Integration
Cerebro-Spinal Technique
Food Testing
Neurolymphatic Release

Touch for Health Level 3 (15 hours)
Review of TFH 1 & TFH 2
5 Element Goal Balancing with Emotions
5 Element Goal Balancing with Food
Acupressure Holding Points Theory & Practice (Sedation Techniques)
Color Balance
Pulses and Pain Tapping
Circuit Retaining Mode
Reactive Muscles
Facilitation and Inhibition
ESR for Past Trauma

Touch for Health Level 4 (15 hours)
Review of TFH 1 to TFH 3
Figure 8 Energy
Five Elements and Meridian Review
Five Element Emotion
Balancing with Sound
Acupressure Holding Points in Depth
Luo Points
Time of Day Balance
Postural Stress Release
Neurolymphatic Release
Posture Analysis
42 Muscle Balance Head to Toe

Touch for Health™ Intensive Training (60 hours)

If you would like to travel to Costa Rica and learn an amazing system of balancing while on vacation, this is for you! Rather than spreading the levels over four weekends, this is 7.5 days of immersive class experience allowing you to dive right in.

60 hours of training, certification, accommodations in a beautiful Eco Resort in Costa Rica, breakfast and lunch all included. $2000 USD* See Schedule for upcoming classes, or if you have a group of interested students, contact me about arranging a course in your location. Those living in Costa Rica and not requiring accommodations or those only interested in attending a portion of the four levels can email for a different rate.

Villas Rio Mar in an Eco Resort near Dominical. Your class includes a reservation in a double room, breakfast buffet and lunch each day with a variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options. The schedule includes a free half-day for snorkeling, whale watching, surfing, checking out one of the national parks, or relaxing by the pool.

These courses and certificates are internationally recognized.

*$200 deposit required at time of registration. Deposit may be transferred to another course or as a credit for Specialized Kinesiology sessions if you are unable to attend the class.

Touch for Health™ Proficiency Assessment Workshop (15 hours)

This is a 2-day Workshop where you will work with other TFH’ers who have completed the TFH Synthesis (1-4).  Completing a review of all the TFH material, receiving time for further practice, and experiencing a written and a practical assessment will put you on solid footing to share TFH. This workshop is a pre-requisite to entering the Instructor Training Workshop. In some countries it is an entry-level qualification for entering their professional associations.

Touch for Health™ Instructor Training / Advanced Synthesis Workshop (60 hours)

Make the world a better place by becoming an Instructor and sharing the awesomeness with others! Upon completing this workshop you can begin teaching, but many people simply take this class to solidify their knowledge or to qualify under the TFH Consultant Program. Check the schedule page for the next retreat.

Here is the info from the IKC Touch for Health School regarding this class:

The TFH Training Workshop is a minimum 60 hour intensive experience that will sharpen skills, add depth to knowledge and develop confidence in using TFH. Deepen your background knowledge of the history and philosophy of TFH and the theories behind the various reflex techniques. Learn effective marketing strategies and the logistics of setting up classes and lectures. Intensive class practice and presentations will allow you to gain confidence and skill in communicating TFH one-on-one and in front of groups. This course is oriented to communicating TFH in an educational, self-responsibility model, whether one-on-one in practice or in formal TFH workshops. It is open to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and skills. Upon successful completion of the workshop and assessment (open book) you may be certified as a Registered Touch for Health Instructor of the International kinesiology College, authorized to teach TFH I-IV and TFH mini courses, use the official manuals and issue the official certificates of the IKC. Even if you begin with no intention to teach the workshops, you may be inspired to do so by the end. You will also have a deep appreciation of the educational, self-responsibility model as a powerful approach to balancing clients.