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    Nutrition testing

    One of the things that seems to always be of interest to Specialized Kinesiology students is how to test foods and supplements. I was writing some content for Knowlative regarding basic nutrition testing protocols and it occurred to me that this might be of value to others outside of that platform, so I’m sharing it here too! Be aware though, the content here does assume a certain familiarity with muscle testing, so if you don’t have that, you may want to click along to something more accessible now! Muscle testing can tell you if there is stress when a certain food or supplement is introduced to the system, or it…

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    GEMS Nutrition

    We love food. I have written before about how, when you start doing any type of homesteading, you become basically food-obsessed. I think many people in the holistic health industry find themselves in this position, learning more about the body means learning more about how to feed it for optimum performance. GEMS Nutrition is a course that has been percolating in my mind for a long time. I thought it was done nearly two years ago, then found out to my chagrin when I sent the files to a student, that I had somehow saved over some of the files incorrectly. As we had just moved to the rainforest all…

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    Best Supplements for Everyday and Someday

    I often see people grumpily pacing the aisles of Health Food Stores, bewildered by the sheer vastness of selection. When I give presentations to large groups, inevitably someone will ask during the Q & A “What supplements do you take?” I believe that supplements fall into three categories: the first are the things that you take every day for maintenance and general good health, second are things that you take for a specific length of time to address a certain issue and then don’t need again, and the third are things that you should keep on hand for occasions when they are needed. Think of it like your spice rack…

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