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    Practitioner Retreat in Costa Rica

    A couple of years ago, at a conference in Malibu, I sat outside late with a group of friends drinking wine and talking. Every once and awhile one of us would declare ‘no more kinesiology-talk’, but it never lasted long; the conversation returning again and again to the work/research/politics of this fascinating modality. Some of these were people I had never met in person before, but we all felt deeply bonded by our shared experience with this work. Later, talking with one of these friends, he expressed some sadness that there had been so few opportunities to actually work on each other at the conference. Sure, there was a ‘Balance…

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    5 Reasons to attend a Touch for Health conference

    Why attend a Touch for Health conference? After all, it’s not like the modality has changed. Maybe you don’t use this as your ‘real job’, so it’s hard to justify the travel expense, or maybe you’re afraid that you wouldn’t know anybody. Having just attended my first TFH meeting (I have been to IASK conferences and IKC gatherings before, but this one was new), I thought that I would share a few reasons why it is definitely worth it to attend, regardless of your level of training or experience in the Specialized Kinesiology world. Get hugged. A lot. By people you’ve never met before, but who are genuinely happy to…

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