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What is Kinesiology?

If Specialized Kinesiology isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever experienced, then you probably don’t understand it. I have been working with it for over ten years and it still rocks my world with its’ power, simplicity and scope. Here is a quick answer to the question: what is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of movement, and most of the kinesiologists out there have gone to university to study muscles, how they work and how to train them in order to treat and avoid injury. Specialized (also called energetic) Kinesiology is a little different. Here, a muscle test is used as an indicator of what is happening on a deeper level in the body. We are still testing or monitoring muscles, but in a different way and with entirely different results.

Specialized Kinesiology is based on the belief that the body stores all information, like a computer. Much of this information is subconscious – we often react to things without really having any idea why we feel the way we do. This information can be accessed if the right question is asked and, simultaneously, the right muscle monitor is done.  The body always knows what’s wrong and usually knows how to fix it – we just need to listen.

Once the body is in balance, any new thing (food, supplement, chemical, person, etc.) that is introduced into the system will have one of two effects: either it will support the healthy vibration of the cells, allowing the muscle being tested to keep its’ integrity or it disrupts the energy pattern causing a muscle change.

Using kinesiology, a health practitioner can help you figure out what foods and supplements are best for your body, how and when to take them, and what progress is being made.  You can identify areas of deep emotional stress and change the way they affect your body, and you can improve physical health. Kinesiology focuses on the body as a whole, rather then a list of symptoms.  It works to integrate the physical, mental, and emotional bodies into a unified whole.

Ask yourself: what goals am I having trouble reaching?  What could I do if my body was running at 100%?

Kinesiology can help you:

  • find where the body is holding stress
  • identify foods that are throwing you out of balance
  • reduce pain while increasing mobility and strength
  • remove the stress from your goals, making them easier to achieve
  • discover the emotional triggers at work in your life
  • become fitter, calmer, happier and any other good ‘ers’ you can think of!

You need to experience it to truly understand what it is and what it can do!

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