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    What is Kinesiology?

    If Specialized Kinesiology isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever experienced, then you probably don’t understand it. I have been working with it for over ten years and it still rocks my world with its’ power, simplicity and scope. Here is a quick answer to the question: what is kinesiology? Kinesiology is the study of movement, and most of the kinesiologists out there have gone to university to study muscles, how they work and how to train them in order to treat and avoid injury. Specialized (also called energetic) Kinesiology is a little different. Here, a muscle test is used as an indicator of what is happening on a deeper level…

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    Costa Rica Confession

    Above picture: Me, building a greenhouse while being shot in the butt with Nerf darts from a maniacal toddler. This is my life. I have a confession to make. This is the kind of thing that’s hard for me to say, so I’m only going to say it once. Ready? This life is harder than I thought it was going to be. This is hard to admit, because people make an assumption, when you do something that seems as crazy as sell your home and business, pack up your things and move to Costa Rica, that you are unprepared. In reality, I research everything, and I like to believe that…

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    Touch for Health for Chickens – The Balancing of Prince Agatha

    So everyone who has been following us on Facebook or on my blog knows by now that we bought some chicks. Despite having no idea what we were doing. And things were going pretty well with them, up until they turned six weeks old. This is the true story of how I used my Touch for Health knowledge to bring a chick back from the (nearly) dead. In the mornings, I usually open up the coop and lift the chicks out so that they go forage and run around the yard, but on this particular morning, one of the chickens was lying in a corner alone. He would not get…

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    Emotions in Muscle Testing

    Specialized Kinesiology work is incredibly cool. Not cool in the kind of way that translates to throngs of people screaming your name, adrenaline rushes, or crazy sex appeal, but cool in a “did that really just happen?” kind of way. Cool because it is hard for us as a species sometimes to get our logical linear brains around just how much influence our thoughts, emotions and subconscious desires have on our physiology and health but SK work just drags it out into the open. People are sometimes skeptical of this, but it makes sense when you think about how we are wired. There is an obvious interface between our musculature…

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    Emotional Rescue: Bach Flower Remedies

    Ever hear about something that just seems too simple to be real? As in “if it was that easy then surely someone would have realized this before!”? Bach Flower Remedies have that effect on people. These flower remedies are a basic system of homeopathy that was created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s to balance your emotions. There are many wonderful resources out there if you wish to learn more about the way these are made or what specific remedies are for (www.bachcentre.com is a good one to try). This is not that resource though: this is a place for telling stories. I was first introduced to Bach Remedies…

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