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3 ways to Deal with Dreams Coming True

The craziness of having all your dreams come true.

When we work with goals in Specialized Kinesiology, there is an understanding that, for a goal to be worthwhile, there needs to be a certain amount of stress on it. If there isn’t any stress on it, than it’s not really a goal, it’s just a to do list that you are procrastinating about. Most of the time, the stress results from how far away our goals seem to be from reality; for example the man living paycheck to paycheck will show a lot of stress on the goal of being financially secure, as it just seems so unlikely. In our work, we determine stress through muscle testing and then use different techniques to help clear it.

There is another kind of stress associated with goals though, and that is the craziness of having everything suddenly working the way you want it to. I’m the kind of person who always has a five-year plan and as we went into this autumn, it was drawing to a close and things started happening so fast that I am struggling just to keep up. It’s like I have been spending the past three years setting up dominoes extremely carefully and now someone has knocked them over before I was completely ready.

Yeah, I know, “poor baby getting everything you want all at once”. It’s hard to feel sympathy. But having new opportunities suddenly available can be so difficult for people that they can easily turn them down or fall into old comfortable habits rather than take the leap. I have a few ideas on how to overcome this. This is the list of what I’ve figured out so far and I would love to hear any further suggestions!

  • Banish self-doubt. One of my big goals has been to teach my GEMS classes internationally. After speaking at a Conference in September I was almost immediately invited to come and teach in the Netherlands in January and as exciting as it was to have the opportunity present itself, my first thought was “I can’t do this”. It just seemed like so much work, and besides, why would anyone from a whole other country who doesn’t know me want to attend my class? I have been trying to remind myself that there is value in the information I have to present and the way that I can explain it and that the organizers of the class must believe this or they wouldn’t be spending their time and energy getting it together. I am trying to channel my nervousness into excitement at the challenge and a desire to make it as good as I can.
  • Ignore the naysayers. People will constantly explain to you why you can’t possibly do whatever it is that you are doing. There is a lot of energy expended every day in order to maintain the status quo. Stop caring about that particular definition of ‘normal’ and you free yourself up to do the things you really care about.
  • Create new habits. Everyday on social media of one kind or another I see headlines with some variation of: “Ten habits of rich happy people”. While you must have some good habits that are helping you become successful (otherwise this wouldn’t be an issue in the first place), you probably also have some that belonged to the ‘old’ you. For the last five years, I had a habit of working on the accounting for my business at night after my little guy went to bed – I didn’t realize how deeply entrenched the habit was until I sold the business and those stacks of numbers were passed on to someone else! Now I am using that time in the evenings to learn Spanish, a new habit that fits with my new life goals.

That’s what I have so far and these three ideas: banish self-doubt, ignore the naysayers, create new habits, is becoming one of my mantras for the New Year.

I hope it helps you on your journey too.

Be Amazing,


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