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Goodbye Happily Holistic

Warning: nostalgia which may or may not become schmaltzy.

My old office is closing.

Happily Holistic, the business we began when we returned from Costa Rica, built for five years and then sold. I am feeling a little bit heartbroken over this. I knew that it wasn’t mine anymore after I sold it and tried to stay out of their business. But this forces me to think about it a little bit; what made it successful for those five years?

Yeah, I know it probably sounds like I am saying that I am the secret sauce in this equation, but I know that isn’t the case. I think the difference is you.

Here’s the thing; I didn’t build Happily Holistic by myself. The practitioners who worked there were amazing and did so much to make the atmosphere special (especially my mom who makes every room she walks into a room with a view) down to helping me paint the last coat the day before the grand opening. My mother-in-law was painting baseboards the same morning as our first Be Your Best celebration. All my friends who rep for supplement companies donated prizes. The logo was created by one of my clients who is a talented graphic designer who made it for me in trade for sessions. The wooden sign was carved by another client and hand delivered. We built those walls and did the renovation work ourselves, the kids wielding sledge hammers, my father-in-law did the wiring, Aidan and I and our friend learned to drywall, the cork flooring was installed by another Touch for Health Instructor in exchange for a year of massages. Much of this work was funded by a generous investment by a friend/client who believed in what I wanted to do and lent me the cash I needed interest free and with nothing as collateral.

There are many more examples of people rallying to this banner. Instructors who came for only a few students even though they didn’t have to, clients who spread the word and referred their friends. So many things came together in order to create something new and wonderful. I believe that people really do crave community; that people want to belong to something bigger than themselves. And when we offer someone the chance to be a part of a tribe – to align themselves with a big dream, they often jump at the chance.

I will admit there was a part of me who was tempted to come and try again; that wanted to see if I could somehow save it. We talked about it a lot; Zoom calls while I was in Moscow teaching and Aidan was in Costa Rica with the kids, and then around a fire (the way we discuss all important things!) once I got home. But while I still believe in everything that it stood for, it is no longer the right fit for me and my family. I have a new banner and am watching a tribe of Specialized Kinesiology practitioners come together around the world. Again, it is something bigger than any one person.

So, to the people who supported Happily Holistic when it opened and through its’ life – thank you again. I hope you always felt loved and supported right back.

Thanks for listening to me be mushy. On to new adventures.


Instructor, practitioner, speaker and writer for Specialized Kinesiology. Homeschooling homesteading in the jungle. Mother of Dragons.


  • Rochelle

    For every season comes a reason and every reason comes a season… I have always admired Happily Holistic and how it touched our family, entering our lives at the perfect time.

    Feeling grateful and mushy along your side xo

    • admin

      Thank you so much Rochelle! Seeing your comment on here and the others on Facebook just emphasizes what I was saying before – it is the community that made this special.

  • Tyler

    Many classes.
    Many sessions.
    Many tears.
    Many lessons.
    Many naps on that table.
    Leaving stable and able.
    Many friendships made.
    May your ambition never fade.

  • Terrina

    Love this. It is so true!! I loved that place, and the people in it. They have truly become my tribe.
    I thank you for taking that leap of faith, believing in yourself and doing it. I am grateful everyday for all these amazing people that are now in my life. Most of all your mom, who I first saw at Happily Holistic (thanks to your grandma), she literally saved my life. Not only saved it, but has given it new meaning and passion.
    Thank you so much!!

    • admin

      Thanks for sharing this Terrina! I’m so happy that you are teaching Touch for Health now – the world needs more of it and you are going to be an amazing ambassador.

  • Denise

    I also loved going out into the country, wandering to HH, feeling cared for, nourished, and beloved by you and your amazing mama. Life is change! And what wonderful horizons you are all part of now. Thank you!