Health Should be Fun

Making Exercise Fun

It’s Spring, also know as ‘Time to Shed The Layers of Clothes The Protect You From The Wrath of Canadian Winters”. For some, it is a happy time of year. For others it means that some big changes are going to have to happen to get back in line with those New Years resolutions and that often means exercise.

Here’s the thing about exercise: people have really weird misconceptions about it. People tell me all the time that they hate to exercise and I find myself asking – do you really hate moving your body in any way whatsoever, or is it the idea of putting on lycra shorts and peddling an exercise bike that you hate? Moving your body feels great and most people have activities that they like to do. It’s amazing to me how many clients will tell me that they need to exercise and are going to take up running, but when I ask them, “do you like to run?” the answer is, “No, I hate it.” If you hate running why would this be your first idea? You are setting yourself up to fail.

Here is my exercise philosophy and if you like it, please use it and share:

Do something for 20 minutes a day.


That’s it.

(Yes, sex counts.)

This is obviously not for the gym bunnies in the crowd or for the athletes; this is for people who think they hate to exercise. Find an activity you like and do it for 20 minutes a day. Walk, do pilates, stretch, lift weights, do something different every day if you like, but do something. The big thing in our house right now? Just Dance 2015 for WiiU. On days when my kids and I have all been sitting for too long I’ll call out ‘Dance Break!’ and they love it.

This will make you move everyday, even if you don’t want to and is a short enough duration of time that it is easy to commit to and make into a habit. There are evenings when I will think to myself, ‘OK, I’m going to put on one sitcom (22 minutes) and bounce and balance on the ball ‘cause that’s absolutely all I can manage tonight’, and that’s just fine.

We’re all in this together. If you ever see me running you’d better run too ‘cause something terrifying is behind me.

Be amazing,




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